Alma’s Prices

*Any color price is the starting price.

Women’s Hair Cuts *$45.00
Men’s Hair Cuts *$30.00
Clean up* (AROUND HAIRLINE) *$10.00
Children (12 & under) *$30.00
Men’s Dye* $50.00
Shampoo Style *$35.00
**Special Occasion Style $115.00
Color Retouch* $60.00
All Over Color* $75.00
Full Foil Highlights* $110.00
Partial Foil Highlights* $90.00
Balayage* $120.00
Olaplex Treatment* $60.00

**Color Corrections    * $70.00 per hour

Free Consultations Available

Call to make in Appointment with Alma 509.981.5301

*Prices can change at anytime.

**Sorry no discounts do to the time and talent that it requires.